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Let us introduce you to Digital Display Boards

A Digital Display Board is a beautiful web interface that displays photographs, weather and other information (such as events or photos from your Google apps).  As easy as A, B, C...running a Raspberry Pi engine that will bring the simplicity of digital information to your home in jumt a few hours, and for an price that won't break the  bank.


What we are hearing...

"Installing a digital display board opened up a world of readily available  information possibilities.  Initial services for a digital display board are free, and with a very small monthly fee, my digital possibilities just increased exponentially!  I love my digital display board and my family uses it every day!"  


1. Setup the Box

We will setup your Raspberry Pi interface onto your home network and establish a connection with a maintenance interface to manage your content.

2. Connect the Display

We will connect the box to the display and ensure that your setup is in proper alignment and the display fits your design requirements.

3. Configure your DAK Board

We will build out a base data monitoring schema on your board, establishing up to two display boards for you, customized to your personal taste. 


Digital Display Board setups start as low as $250 when you provide your own display, and are as low as $450 when we provide the display.

Also, ask us about options for having your Digital Display Board installed or even framed!

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