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Silent Disco!!

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Let us help you plan the ultimate silent disco party!  

At a silent disco, the your guests will have headphones playing music just for them.  They will be able to control the volume as they desire, and with 3 channels of music going simultaneously, the party never stops.  Best of all, they can choose the type of music to play so the party is always amazing!  

Want a party where you can still hold a conversation while others are blasting their music?  A silent disco is what you need!

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You Are In Control

Choose which of the 3 channels you want to hear!  You can dance with your crew or sing is up to you!

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Everyone Wins

There can be different genres of music playing across the 3 channels, so everyone can find what moves them!

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Silence Is Golden

Everyone will have an amazing time, and they can still engage in conversations with the people around them.

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